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Michael Frederick Halliday – Biography

Michael Frederick Halliday born on 18th May 1822, Epsom Surrey to Michael Halliday, a captain in the Royal Navy and his wife Jane Hester Slack. He gained an interest in painting only at his later age, where he first exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1853.

Michael Frederick Halliday Early life

Michael Halliday senior held the post of a clerk in the parliament office, House of Lords until his death in 1839. Though during his youth he was not into painting, he picked up a keen interest at the age of 34.

He held an official post in the House of Peers and occasionally exhibited his artworks. He made his first exhibition at the Royal Academy in 1856, ‘The Measure for the Wedding Ring’.

Michael Frederick Halliday

He continued further exhibitions with ‘The Sale of a Heart’ in 1857, ‘The Blind basket maker with his first child’ in 1858, ‘A Bird in the Hand’ in 1864 followed by ‘Roma Vicente e Roma Morta’ in 1866.

Michael Frederick Halliday’s Artwork

Amongst his earliest artwork was ‘Moel Siabod from the Capel Curig Road’ in 1853, ‘The Malakoff from the Mamelon Hill’ and ‘The Great Bedan, from the Fourth parallel, Left Attack’.

Michael Frederick Halliday

He also practiced etching which was published by the Junior Etching Club in 1858, ‘The Plea of the Midsummer Fairies’ to the edition of Hood’s poem. Halliday was among the first fewest member of the Pre-Raphaelite school of painting and the first eight English who completed for the Elcho Shield at Wimbledon in 1862.

Michael Frederick Halliday later life

Years passed before he finally exhibited his last work before his death in 1866, which made him have a supreme reputation in the world of art. Had he not divided his time between his profession and passion, he would have gained an elevated position in the society with his paintings.

He passed away at the mere age of 47 in 1869 after a short illness at Thurloe Place, South Kensington. He was buried at the Brompton cemetery.


  • The Measure for the Wedding Ring, 1855

Michael Frederick Halliday

  • The Blind Basket Maker with his first child
  • Portrait of a girl in bluebells
  • The Pomegranate sellers, 1864

Michael Frederick Halliday

  • Two Highland children by a Scottish stream, (1856-1857)

Michael Frederick Halliday

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