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Victorian bone china, dolls, fairings

China from the Victorian era was the personification of style, grace and elegance all rolled into one. The china pieces within the Victorian household were a prized possession and were viewed as a beautiful ornament for many onlookers to gaze at.

Victorian china fairings were one of these wonderful ornaments which were small porcelain figures that usually stuck to the measurements of three inches to five inches in height. The Victorian china fairings usually depicted a story or a scene that could be quite funny, political or maybe a scene from a house.

You will usually find that these can be purchased online or in antique shops so that you too can have a sparkle of the Victorian era magic in your household or maybe to complement the theme you have within your homes décor. The figurines usually had a short description printed on them that would describe what was happening on the base of the fairing.

During the Victorian era, they were very big on porcelain, China dolls that were made from fine china. The china dolls were given a glazed finish making them look glossy and pretty. It is most likely that your ancestors owned one of the Victorian china dolls when they themselves were young therefore rooting back to traditions within your family tree.

The typical victorian china dolls consisted of the following features

A body that has been filled with Cloth including a wire armature for standing your porcelain doll up straight or sitting her down. several porcelain dolls have a two piece porcelain head, shoulder plate structure that which means that they can move their head in different positions or pose wherever you want to go.

Then you have all of your compulsory features such as doll Heads, arms and lower legs are which are made from high fire porcelain. The doll’s eyes and eyelashes are inset, it’s hair is usually applied directly to the porcelain, therefore, cannot be removed. Clothing may be quite intricate, or very simple depending on the style.

You can be sure that when you look into Victorian china dolls or fairings you will discover an array of wonderful creations from the Victorian era that looks elegant, pretty and antique. There is nothing more traditional than classic Victorian china and you cannot go wrong when you choose to add a touch of it within your homes to give a classy feel to your décor.