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Victorian Era Wedding Preparation

Wedding Preparation: Wedding day preparation started right from selecting wedding cards and making the list of invitees. During the Victorian era, a young lady’s wedding was given much importance.

Victorian Era Wedding Preparation

Girls used to get familiar with curious rhymes and poems which were filled with suggestions and warnings regarding the awaited wedding day. These recommendations included month, day and even the color of the wedding dress.

Victorian Wedding Reception

If the lady who is going to get married lives with her parents, guardian or relatives and the marriage is approved by them, the wedding ceremony used to take place at the bride’s house.

Victorian Era Wedding Preparation

It could also be organized in the church which the lady attended. The reception used to occur immediately after the ceremony or after the return of the couple from their honeymoon.

The Wedding Cards

There were couples who preferred to get married quietly with only a few close friends and dear ones around. However, many used to consider this occasion as for general rejoicing and preferred to make an elaborate display.

Victorian Era Wedding Preparation

So, when many guests were expected to arrive, it was important to send a note prior to the wedding to them. Normally they were sent the wedding cards with the names of the bride and the groom on it. The form of the wedding cards has changed very little, but the style has gone through many changes through the years.

Victorian Era Wedding Preparation

Two methods of making the wedding card were usually followed. One was the economic and common way in which the letters were typed while the second option was in which they were engraved and printed in the metropolis.

Victorian Era Wedding Preparation

Later the style of cards had letters printed in light script on fine, white billet paper, and the cards were on thin Bristol boards usually square in shape. The cards were put in envelopes and the name of the invitee was written in the center, for example. Mr. & Mrs, So n So.

The Wedding Invitation

The wedding card had a monogram designed with blended initial letters of the names of bride and groom. The envelope also had the monogram. The card normally was sent by the parents inviting for the marriage of their daughter and the details of the venue where the marriage was going to take place.

Victorian Era Wedding Preparation

In case the reception was planned after the couples returned from their honeymoon, the address was omitted in the card and a different card for the reception was offered to the invited guest.

Victorian Wedding Ceremony

No specific form of ceremony was requisite and there was any regulation that the ceremony would be carried out by a specific person. Considering the vast importance of the wedding ceremony, long usage of a system became the custom and marriages were performed in the presence of clergymen or magistrate.

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