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Poets during the Georgian Era

Poets during the Georgian Era: During the Georgian Era, poetry prospered and this period saw the rise of many poets who made a mark in this Era and the upcoming Romantic Period.

It was said that that the Romantic age was a rebellion against the established institutes which were on its way to becoming an orthodoxy.

Popular Poets During the Georgian Era

William Wordsworth was one of the most popular poets of this age. Along with Wordsworth was Samuel Taylor Coleridge who was known for his ballads. Wordsworth’s poems gravitated toward the topic of ‘Nature’.

This was partly because he grew up in the Lake District. Unlike his peers, Wordsworth declined to write about the Industrialism of the age.

Poets during the Georgian Era
William Wordsworth

Some of his most famous works were Daffodils, Solitary Reaper, and Intimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood. 

Much of Coleridge’s work was in the realm of the magical and the mysterious. Some of his most noted work was Kubla Khan, The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. He was also a renowned critic

Famous Georgian Poets

Alexander Pope was one of the most famous poets during this Era. He began writing and publishing his poems from a very young age. He dominated the poet’s society through the better part of the 1700s.

Poets during the Georgian Era
Alexander Pope, one of the most popular poets during the Georgian Era

Due to Pope’s need for perfection and the subjects of the poems, he got a lot of enemies from the fields of religion, philosophy, and politics. Some of his most famous works were Rape of the Lock, The Dunciad, Ode to Solitude and Eloisa to Abelard. 

Georgian Poetry

There was a constant struggle between Ambrose Philips and Alexander Pope over the role of nature and the role of pastoral in poetry. In addition to this, Pope also translates Homer’s Iliad to English in order to make a middle ground between Homer and the Pope.

Poets during the Georgian Era

On the other hand, another prominent poet during this time was John Gay. His poems were humorous and had traces of satire. On feature of Gay’s poems which stood out was that he included details of his personal life in his poems. He also spoke about political society and social dangers.

Poets During The Georgian Era

The Duncaids was a name given by the Pope to all those who thought that he was not a good enough poet. Some poets who belonged in this group were John Dyer, James Thomson, and Edward Young.

Poets during the Georgian Era
Edward Young

Other poets of the era included Byron, Shelley, and Keats. Sir Walter Scott, who was a renowned novelist first started out as a poet before turning to prose.

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